Reality I



A formless voice wakes me up,

In a barren world of tub.

Stream of consciousness screwed it hard,

Indian writing made me a nerd.

Mornings are veiled dreamings like you,

Exam paper lost like Mallya flew.

Temperature dried up liquid fast,

Everybody felt today is the last.

Enjoy the life without being rust,

Life is a vicious circle that turns to dust.


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A Carpet

carpetA veil over the floor,

Covering scratches of the war,

Dignitaries walk over.


Nur Nazibur Rahman(c)


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A tear for time

A present day in my journal,

Thoughts make me nocturnal.

Wounds are not enough internal,

Musings are not soft as caramel.

Satan is the hero of hell,

wish I could dwell in your heavens smell.

Stains, mood, and love are Gods gift,

I write, explore you to lift.

Respect in you is a unique figure,

Steady gardens also acknowledge a singer.

Tears in the morning grasses,

are crushed by the masses.

Masterpiece is not my cup,

Poems are even Wordsworth’s bluff.

Time is an alluring slut,

Questions start with what?

A tear smiled in the air,

You are a Chaucer, I can swear.

Love is for you, but my poem did not rhyme,

And a tear is shed for the time.

Nur Nazibur Rahman (c)

She is a Mother

God, Creation, Good, Evil;

Irony, Paradox shuffled in metaphor,

As SHE is described as a whore.

It pinches everybody and nobody roars.


Prayers devote to impregnate her,

Laws are different for Baboos called Sir.

World, existence, and pledge,

Are definitions in the dictionaries.


Past, present, and future,

Her justice became looser.

Act, laws, and amendments are papers,

Justice is delayed and termed as later.


Visionless means blindness.

Refusal to see is a kindness?

Wake up ! a mother is no whore,

She is a temple standing in valour.

Day 12


#justiceForAsifa #poetryforjustice #Standup4HumanRights

#UnitedNations #GlobalGoals

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Nur Nazibur Rahman (c)

Ocean Dreams

Have you been to an ocean?

yes, I have been.

Me too, in my dreams.

I have read poems,

Seen movies and

The Old Man and The Sea.

The seagulls flying in tides,

Bluewater dancing in the breeze,

Lions guarding the shore.

Fisherman fishing amidst the waves roar.

And a poet creates more.



Nur Nazibur Rahman (c)

Musing ?

About the fairy tales,

Of mini toys like cars and rails,

Smiling at the puppies tail,

Frightening at mommies scale,

Feeding by ghost blackmails,

Eating like a blue whale,

Chocolates, pastries are the fuel,

Teachers seem so cruel.

And a poem completed by a fool.




Nur Nazibur Rahman (c)