She is a Mother

God, Creation, Good, Evil;

Irony, Paradox shuffled in metaphor,

As SHE is described as a whore.

It pinches everybody and nobody roars.


Prayers devote to impregnate her,

Laws are different for Baboos called Sir.

World, existence, and pledge,

Are definitions in the dictionaries.


Past, present, and future,

Her justice became looser.

Act, laws, and amendments are papers,

Justice is delayed and termed as later.


Visionless means blindness.

Refusal to see is a kindness?

Wake up ! a mother is no whore,

She is a temple standing in valour.

Day 12


#justiceForAsifa #poetryforjustice #Standup4HumanRights

#UnitedNations #GlobalGoals

Photo Courtesy –

Nur Nazibur Rahman (c)


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