Neighbors in the Dell

Armies of cotton scattered all over,

Breeze hustling with grasses to cover,

Clouds mobilizing to spill,

Birds communicating to feel.

Flowers hark the buzzing lay,

Harmony lies in the natures play.

Serpent in the realm needs to be killed,

Emotions in the brume needs to be healed.

Day 2


Nur Nazibur Rahman (c)


নামটো বৰ অদ্ভুত

বহু আপোন যেন কিয় লাগে?

মোৰ গোটেইখন যেন আগুৰি আছে

সেই উচালমৰা মৰমেৰে।
জৱা পাহৰ দৰে প্ৰান খুলা 

হাঁহি তোমাৰ আছে জানো ?

শালিকাৰ দৰে বন্ধুত্ব

তোমাৰ আছেনে? 
কবিতা তুমি উত্তৰ দিয়া 

আতৰি নাযাবা। 
বহু ৰঙিয়া জীৱনত

ৰং ঢলা নদী তইনো ক লৈ যাৱ 

মৰিচিকাৰ শিৰোনামা তুমি।। 
মাথো দুটি উত্তৰৰ মাজেৰে 

আকৌ এবাৰ উভতি আহা 


Aafree you my dear !

It was midnight, I was half-awake  and felt that someone is calling me. It was nothing but her angelic soul querying me to unleash the beautiful beauty that was beautifully portrayed by almighty in early hours. smoky eyes could not recognise her charm but the smell made me feel foxy about her . Tender voice smoky eyes and  smell of her musk and  an alluring darkness  mix that mode and gave a delighted enlightening. I called out ear-piercingly but my voice ashen and froze ahead of her ravishing looks. she demonstrated the way to an orange lambent, it was her classy look that made me shiver in summer. Her frozen eyes sitting beside trimmed eyebrow,straight nose, sweet  outline where tender skin met mouth about to open, curly tresses floating luxuriously and her steady delighted face made it impossible to describe her beauty. She is an “ANJEL” stunning gorgeous magnificent marvelous pleasing and divine. And I fell in ……


Tezpur University beauty through my lens.